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How to format a high capacity SD card (128-256GB)? Windows

High- capacity SD cards will need to be formatted using FAT32 protocol. If your PC runs on Windows 10, you will not be able to format the card without the assistance of a 3rd party program.

To solve this issue, please download software - Rufus Portable

  1. Complete the installation of the software on your computer
  2. Insert desired SD Card
  3. Open the Rufus software
  4. You should see the SD card under Device, if not click on the drop down menu to select it.
  5. Under "Boot Selection", select Non-Bootable
  6. Under "File System", select FAT32
  7. Then hit START

You will get the following warning


      8. Press OK to complete the formatting.

You should be able to insert the SD card into the M6 and follow the prompts to successfully connect to the app.


On the M6 camera, you can only boot and re-format a Micro SD card up to 64GB. You will need to use a PC or OSX computer to reformat high capacity SD cards

SD cards can't be generic - It will need to be a Sandisk or Samsung Class 10




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