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How to protect your battery from low voltage?

In cold areas and climate, where temperatures can reach freezing or below. Drivers will find that their batteries have low voltage or their engines won't start.

Power Saver & Parking Mode

Low Voltage cut-off settings:

  • Power Saver: 11.0V, 11.7V/23.7V, 11.9V/23.9, 12.0V/24.0V, 12.1V/24.1V, 12.3V/24.3V
    • 11.0V is for Auxiliary batteries (non-standard cars)
    • 12.0V is the default setting and recommended for all standard vehicles
    • 12.3V is the highest protection voltage cutoff setting, anytime voltage is below 12.3V it will automatically shut off the M6.
  • Parking Mode: Off, 6HR, 12HR, 24HR and 48HR
    • Parking Mode is the parking timer, it will shut off after the set preference time has elapsed. 
    • 12HR is the default setting
    • If your vehicle's battery keeps dying or voltage goes too low, OFF/6HR may be the best option until it gets warmer or if you get a new battery.


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