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What are the different files available from the Momento Dash Camera?

When you load the SD card from your Momento dash camera into your viewer you will see 4 folders. Event, Parking, Infinity, and Driving.

  • The Event folder will contain all the files that the camera saved due to shock triggers.
  • The Parking mode folder will contain the clips saved by the dash camera while the vehicle is parked. The clips are triggered by the camera detecting shock or motion near the vehicle.
  • The Infinity file folder is where the continuous recording is. This is where the camera constantly is recording to but after so long it will overwrite the video it has recorded.
  • The last folder is the Manual Recording folder which contains the files saved while driving. These are triggered by tapping on the power button for the Momento M5 or tapping on the manual recording button on the LCD screen for the Momento M4.
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