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What is the Momento dash camera’s Parking Mode Settings?

To access the parking mode settings, tap on the bottom left button with 4 dots to enter the camera menu. Then tap on Settings followed by tapping on dash cam settings.

Once you are in dash cam settings, you can set the Momento’s “Parking Mode Priority”, “Parking Mode Timer”, and “Voltage Cutoff.”

SD card priority is how much space on the SD card that is taken up by parking mode events or captures. You can toggle SD card priority between 25%, 50% and Off.

The parking mode camera timer is how long the camera will remain in parking mode until it shuts down and stops recording. You can toggle this between 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours or off.

The last setting is voltage cutoff. The camera should power off automatically when the vehicle’s battery voltage hits the specified voltage cutoff setting. You can toggle the cutoff between 11.7v, 11.9v, 12v, 12.1v or 12.2v.

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