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How Much Does a Dash Camera Cost?

Justin L. | 11.29.2023 | blog dash-cams featured momento-m7
How Much Does a Dash Camera Cost?

Dash cams are your best bet when it comes to protecting yourself in the event of an accident, theft, or hit-and-run.

The market offers three distinct types of dash cams, each providing varying levels of security and convenience. But how much do they cost? Let's dive into the details.

Option 1: Plug-and-Play Dash Cams - $

Plug-and-play dash cams are the most affordable options, often costing under $100. Installation is simple: just plug the device into your car’s cigarette lighter, and you're good to go. However, they have their downsides. They only record when your vehicle is running, meaning you miss out on recording any incidents that occur when your car is parked. Plus, the power cord can clutter up your dashboard.

Most plug-and-play dash cams record front only, while pricier options include an interior facing camera.

Option 2: Hardwired Do-It-Yourself Dash Cams - $$

A step up from plug-and-play, these dash cams are directly connected to your car battery. This allows for continuous recording, even when the car is off (aka "parking mode"). Prices for hardwired DIY dash cameras range from $100 to $350. The downside? Installation can be tricky if you're not technically inclined. You also run the risk of draining your car battery if the cam isn't correctly installed or configured.

Installation will generally involve three components:

  1. Soldered or "t-tapped" connections to power, ground, and ignition.
  2. Carefully removal and replacement of vehicle panels
  3. Routing of all wires between the dash cam and your vehicle
  4. Proper mounting/positioning of the dash cam on your windshield(s)

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Some DIY dash cam models also include rear- or interior-facing cameras, providing an additional layer of security around your vehicle. However, running the wire from the front to the rear of your vehicle can be a challenging task, especially for those not familiar with car interiors. Not only is it difficult, but it can also be unsafe if not done correctly. Wires improperly installed near airbags could potentially interfere with their deployment in an accident, creating a safety hazard.

Option 3: Professionally-Installed Hardwired Dash Cams - $$$

Investing in your safety is never a waste, and professionally installed hardwired dash cams like those offered by Momento are a testament to this principle. While these dash cams tend to be more expensive, ranging from $300-$380 plus labor fees, the additional investment is unquestionably worth it.

Advantages of Momento dash cams, when professionally installed:

    1. Full parking mode - Because they're hardwired to the battery, these cams can stay active even when your car is off. Worried about your battery's health? The Momento M7 Wi-Fi features a battery-saving technology called "Eco Mode" that significantly reduces parking mode current draw.
    2. Clean install - Unlike the other options, these dash cams don't leave wire harnesses hanging down from your headliner. This means no cluttered field of view or unsightly dashboard.
    3. Front and rear cameras - All Momento dash cams include front and rear cameras, providing up to 270º of surveillance protection around your vehicle. Also, when your dash cam is professionally installed, you won't have to worry about how to run a 10-15' length wire to your rear windshield.
    4. Reliability of install and components - Momento has nearly 2,000 authorized retailers across the U.S. and Canada. These professionals are trained and certified to install a dash cam securely in your specific vehicle.
    5. 2-years Warranty - Momento boasts the industry's best warranty on our dash cams, protecting you from any performance issues with your dash cam.

Check out this professionally-installed Momento M7 dash cam by one of our Authorized dealers, Audio by Art (San Antonio, Texas). See how clean this installation looks when performed by a professional! (Bonus: there is a third interior camera added to this system - in additional to the front and rear cameras).

So while the price tag may seem steep initially, consider this: isn't the cost worth it if it means protecting yourself, your vehicle, and potentially saving thousands in liability costs? Invest in a professionally installed hardwired dash cam today. Your safety — and your wallet — will thank you.

How to Buy Momento Dash Cams

Momento dash cams are sold and installed exclusively by authorized dealers. To find an authorized dealer and installer near you, please use our Dealer Locator.

In an uncertain world, having a reliable witness by your side can make all the difference. Momento Dash Cameras offer peace of mind, ensuring that you have a crystal-clear account of events in the event of an accident. With the ability to provide objective evidence to police investigators and insurance companies, dash cam videos serve as a powerful tool to verify what actually happened.

Don't wait until it's too late. Invest in a Momento Dash Camera today and let it be your diligent guardian on the road, protecting you and your loved ones while safeguarding your interests.

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